Power washing is a great way to make your home or business look clean.  A good power washing can remove dirt and debris that may have accumulated on your siding.  It can also remove moss that may have taken up residence in the shady spots on your home.  You can easily access all the outside surfaces of a one-story home from the ground. But how can you wash a two- or three-story home or business safely?

In the past, cleaning the siding of a larger structure meant getting out the ladder or scaffolding.  Climbing on unstable surfaces can easily lead to accidents and injuries.  Power washing equipment can help you keep the upper stories of your home clean without requiring a ladder. Most power washing equipment offers variable control over the spray pattern. This kind of control is essential for safe cleaning.

Start at the top of your home or building and work your way down to the ground. Using the maximum spray pattern, clean the least accessible areas at the top of the building. You’ll need to be relatively close to the structure. As you move down, also move away from the building.  When you get about halfway down the side, lower the water pressure.  The highest pressure settings can damage siding, trim and even windows at close range.

Continue cleaning the more accessible parts of your home or building. Remember to move away from the building as you get closer to the ground. This will help keep you safe and dry!  You may need to adjust the pressure again as you work close to the ground.  Repeat this process for each side of the structure you intend to clean. Work slowly and adjust the pressure accordingly.

Hopefully, this goes without saying, but don’t attempt to control a power washer from an extension ladder! If you have a three-story home, you might want to consider a telescoping pressure wand to reach the home’s highest points. Telescoping wands can help you reach the top of your home, but they also require more control on your part. A good quality fiberglass or aluminum telescoping wand may cost between $100-$200.

Autumn is a great time to power wash your home, patio, deck, and driveway. You can clear away organic debris and make your home exterior look good during the winter months.  Clearing your driveway or patio can also remove weeds and growth in cracks that can make snow shoveling more difficult.

If you’d like to know more about power washing, or would like a cost estimate, please give Margo Painting and Power Washing a call at (330) 204-7277. Using our professional equipment, we’ll power wash your home or building and make it look its best!