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Margo Painting provides outstanding exterior paint spraying services in Portage County. Our service area includes Portage County , Ravenna, Aurora and Kent. Margo Painting also offers commercial power washing and exterior power spraying services. We also work with facilities managers of commercial properties to deliver professional power washing.

Margo Painting has provided high quality painting, power washing and surface preparation services throughout Northeast and Central Ohio since 2010. We are known for our quality work and our affordable prices on a range of services, including commercial power washing.

Owner Tony Margo and his team will bring the highest quality exterior paint spraying to your home, commercial space or municipal building. Margo Painting is your go-to expert for exterior paint spraying services. We can improve your building’s exterior appearance quickly and professionally!

Many homeowners are convinced that exterior paint spraying will save time and get a big job done quickly. The reality is that paint spraying requires a lot of surface prep and careful application. Sprayed paint won’t stick to surface dirt the way rolled paint will. All exterior surfaces must be cleaned and prepped meticulously before exterior paint spraying can begin. The professionals at Margo Painting and Power Washing will carefully prepare the exterior surfaces of your home or commercial building. That ensures you get the most from your exterior paint spraying project.

One of the advantages of exterior paint spraying is that the sprayer allows the paint to reach areas that brushes and rollers can’t. An experienced professional can get even coverage from stains or paints by using exterior paint spraying equipment. Using a paint sprayer to apply paint or stain also eliminates brush and roller marks. When eliminating these application marks is important, exterior paint spraying is the preferred technique. Paint sprayers also apply a more even coating of paint on certain surfaces. You can get a smoother, more professional finish on a range of uneven surfaces, including wood and wood siding, masonry and stucco.

The key to a successful exterior paint spraying project is starting with a very clean surface. Sprayed paint will not adhere to a dirty surface. For exterior projects, power washing can help prepare the surface by removing dirt, accumulated organic matter, moss, mold, pollen, sap and other unwanted contaminants before paint spraying begins. Power spraying can also clean driveways, walkways, sheds, decks and other surfaces to restore the exterior appearance of your home or commercial property.

Margo Painting, located in New Philadelphia, serves all of Northeast and Central Ohio. If you would like us to provide a free estimate for exterior paint spraying services, commercial power washing, exterior power spraying or power washing for your residential or commercial building, please call us at (330) 204-7277. You can also fill out our contact form, and we will be happy to provide an estimate.

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