Margo Painting and Powerwashing

Address: 1309 B, Monroe Ave NW, New Philadelphia, Ohio 44663

Phone: 330.204.7277  /  Email:

Margo Painting provides world class interior restoration services in Holmes County. Our service area includes Holmes County, Millersburg, Berlin and Winesburg. Margo Painting also offers full-service painting and decorative finishing. We also work with building managers to deliver professional full-service commercial painting.

Margo Painting has provided high quality painting, power washing and surface preparation services throughout Northeast and Central Ohio since 2010. We are known for our quality work and our affordable prices on a range of services, including full-service painting.

Owner Tony Margo and his team will bring the highest quality interior restoration services to your home, commercial space or municipal building. Restoration work can be time consuming and labor-intensive. Protect the value of your home or commercial space with professional interior restoraty services by Margo Painting.

The professionals at Margo Painting can restore the appearance of your home or commecial space following water or mold damage, UV damage or customization for prior tenants. Professional painting, drywall repair and hardwood floor refinishing can increase the value of your home or commercial space and make it easier to sell or rent. Interior restoration can also increase the enjoyment and value of your property, even when you don’t intend to sell or lease it.

Regular painting improves the health and safety of your home or commercial space. Newer paints release fewer volatile organic compounds (VOC), which makes the air healthier for the occupants. In a commercial setting, restoration can enable you to quickly customize your space for a new tenant. Expert drywall repairs and surface preparation guarantee a professional finish for your restoration project.

We offer full-service painting, which means we are a one-stop shop for all of your interior restoration needs. In addition to paint and surface repairs, we can also re-finish your hardwood floors and create a completely refreshed appearance for your space.

Margo Painting, located in New Philadelphia, serves all of Northeast and Central Ohio. If you would like us to provide a free estimate for interior restoration services, full-service painting, decorative finishing, or full-service commercial painting for your residential or commercial building, please call us at (330) 204-7277. You can also fill out our contact form, and we will be happy to provide an estimate.

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