Interior paint colors to consider for 2018

If you’re planning an interior painting project in 2018, you’ll definitely have some decisions to make. Like fashions, colors come and go, but paint is made to last! What colors should you be thinking about in 2018? Here are a few thoughts.

Choosing a color is more complicated than just selecting a shade. The colors that work best in a space complement the size, shape and features of the room. In a larger sense, they “fit” with the entire house or interior space. The color trends for 2018 are bold, bold, bold!

Choosing interior paint colors

Black leads the pack. Few colors are bolder than black, and you have to be prepared for the statement this color makes. Black will work as a primary or accent color in the right space. Black will darken a room instantly, so it’s not going to be a good choice for a room that’s already light-challenged. On the other hand, if you’ve got a room that’s awash in sunlight, consider black walls. Pair black with a shocking white ceiling, white trim, a light floor, light accents and light furniture and you’ll create a luxuriously timeless treat for the eyes. Black can also work well in a brightly lit space like a bathroom.

Blues and greens. Several paint manufacturers are showing shades that blend blues and greens. Like the black shades above, these blue-green combinations are bold and will work best in a space that gets a lot of light. Pair these colors with lighter accents, flooring and ceilings, and you can create a peaceful haven that will go the distance in a work space or a relaxation space.

Red hot reds. Red is another bold color that many people shy away from. Like the black and blue/green shades above, the 2018 reds are no shrinking violets. These reds will work best as an accent color, or paired with another bold color that’s strong enough to take on a red-hot red. Careful pairings of bold reds with light primary colors can really work well with either light or dark floors. Reds work well in soaring spaces, so you may want to make careful color choices if you don’t have a lot of vertical space to work with.

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