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Margo Painting and Power Washing

Address: 1309 B, Monroe Ave NW, New Philadelphia, Ohio 44663

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Margo Painting provides extraordinary airless paint spraying services in Massillon. Our service area includes Massillon, Stark County, Canal Fulton and Uniontown. Margo Painting offers full-service commercial painting and commercial restoration services. We also work with building managers to deliver professional exterior power washing services.

Margo Painting has provided high quality painting, power washing and surface preparation services throughout Northeast and Central Ohio since 2010. We are known for our quality work and our affordable prices on a range of services, including full-service commercial painting.

Owner Tony Margo and his team will bring the highest quality airless paint spraying to your home, commercial space, or municipal building. Airless paint spraying can help you complete a large painting project quickly, but in the wrong hands, a paint sprayer can also create a big mess! Count on the professional painters at Margo Painting to complete your Massillon, OH painting projects, large and small!

Airless paint spraying is ideal for large-scale, outdoor painting projects, like the exterior of a home or commercial building. The great advantage a paint sprayer offers isn’t speed. Rather, airless paint spraying provides even coverage for large or uneven surfaces. It is the perfect approach for painting cement, cinder block, stucco and wood because it can apply paint in the small surface imperfections. Likewise, airless paint spraying doesn’t use less paint; it simply applies paint more efficiently than a brush or roller can on certain surfaces.

Additionally, an airless paint sprayer can help you reach tough spots more easily because the painter can extend the wand to more easily reach out-of-the-way places. Because an airless paint sprayer aerosolizes paint, it offers less control over where the paint goes than a brush or roller does. That’s why it is better suited for outdoor painting projects! In the hands of an experienced professional, however, airless paint spraying can produce beautiful results for your home or commercial space.

Margo Painting does more than airless paint spraying!

Margo Painting also offers a wide range of commercial restoration services. Accidents happen, and they’re no less devastating in commercial spaces. Even when nothing goes wrong, a major remodeling project can require significant restoration to return the space to a usable condition. Whether you’re doing major remodeling in a commercial space, or trying to recover from unanticipated damages, Margo Painting’s restoration team can return your commercial space to its previous condition quickly and affordably.

Margo Painting, located in New Philadelphia, serves all of Northeast and Central Ohio. If you would like us to provide a free estimate for airless paint spraying, full-service commercial painting, commercial restoration services or exterior power washing services for your residential or commercial building, please call us at (330) 204-7277. You can also fill out our contact form, and we will be happy to provide an estimate.

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